Wine Tour of the Ancient World

Kitchen Arts

Wine Tour of the Ancient World

Tour the winemaking traditions and history of the ancient Mediterranean.

Meeting Times
  1. 08/16/2023 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM



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Class, Age 21+, All Levels

Kitchen Arts Studio



After touring the big three European wine producers in our classes (France, Italy, and Spain), we're ready to explore some of the birthplaces of wine, where winemaking traditions date back 10,000 years, pre-dating the invention of writing! Learn the history of wine in the ancient Mediterranean, as well as modern wine culture, and taste wines from countries such as Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Lebanon, Slovenia, and the republic of Georgia. Get ready for an exciting journey back in time to visit some of the roots of human culture!

Learn about the ancient history of wine in the Mediterranean region and the role wine plays there in modern culture.


  • Ages 21 and up
  • Consider eating dinner or a snack prior to class
  • A $25 materials fee, included in the cost of the class, covers everything for this class.
  • Registration closes Aug. 14.
  • Wear closed-toed shoes to class.

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Instructors or Guides

Christopher Gronbeck

Christopher is founder and former owner of The Barrel Thief Wine & Whiskey Bar in Seattle. He has a long history as an educator in the science and environment fields, and has taught wine and spirits and cocktails classes for more than 15 years. He serves as a judge at numerous wine and spirits competitions. Christopher loves everything about BARN and is active in the Kitchen Arts Studio as well as in Woodworking and Print & Book Arts.

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