Finishing a Metal Casting

Metal Fabrication

Finishing a Metal Casting *Cancelled*

Learn how to finish your rough casting with all of its unwanted gates, sprues, and runners.


Thur, 11/30/2023


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Metal Fabrication Studio

Casting, Foundry


Learn when to remove specific gates and sprues, and see how to finish the casting by grinding, texturing, and polishing to a desired finish (a separate class may be needed if machining is required). A media-blast cabinet may be used to get the desired texture. It’s also possible some blemishes will need to be filled using a TIG welder. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply a patina of your choice to achieve a finished look that appeals to you.

Finishing the casting is the third of three basic steps of foundry arts:

1.    Make the pattern
2.    Form the mold and pour metal to create the casting
3.    Finish the casting

We recommend repeating this class as desired (the same recommendation stands for the classes Metal Casting in the Foundry and, of course, guided studio in the foundry, which is where advanced casting skills are built).

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  • Wear natural-fiber clothing, long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes (natural fiber or leather).
  • Stretch fabrics, hoodie ties, or dangling jewelry like bracelets that can get caught in machinery are not allowed.
  • Tie back long hair. 

Class Policies

Ages 14 and up are welcome. 

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