Introductory Lampworking With Borosilicate Marbles

Glass Arts

Introductory Lampworking with Borosilicate Marbles

Learn how to work with our propane/oxygen torches and borosilicate glass to make simple marbles.


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Meeting Times
  1. Wed, 8/23/2023 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Wed, 8/23/2023

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No Prerequisite, Class

Glass Arts Studio

Glass Torchworking


We'll start with a safety orientation and introduction to our lampworking tools and equipment. You will learn to:

  • Collect a gather
  • Attach and detach punties
  • Shape molten glass using gravity, surface tension, marble moulds, and other shaping tools
  • Use colored glass to make simple designs

Completing this class and demonstrating competence with the lampworking tools and equipment will check you off for lampworking on your Glass Studio skills card, allowing you to use them during open studio.

Heads up: It's recommended to work standing up (rather than sitting), so be advised that you'll be on your feet for much of class. If you prefer to sit, we strongly recommend you bring your own leather or cotton apron (not synthetic) in case of hot, rolling marbles.


Two or three glass marbles. This class is mostly about learning equipment, technique, and safety so that you can practice and apply what you learn during future open studios.

Class Policies

  • Ages 14 and up are welcome.
  • Wear close-toed shoes and long pants in the Glass Studio at all times.
  • Avoid wearing synthetic fibers (they melt), long loose sleeves (they dangle), shirts with open pockets or pants with cuffs (they can trap hot glass).

BARN Policies

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  • Tuition Assistance is available. Fill out the application before registering.
  • BARN is committed to accessibility. We try to make accommodations when requested; the earlier you contact us, the more likely we can help. Please email to find out more or request an accommodation.
  • Sensory Statement: Makerspaces like BARN can be noisy and cluttered, smell strongly, and have bright or flickering lights.

Instructors or Guides

Grae Drake

Grae Drake has worked with glass for only a couple of years, but is deeply in love with it. There isn't much that beats the zen of standing over a warm torch wrangling red-hot molten glass into shape. In previous lives, he's been a tech entrepreneur, corporate lawyer, juvenile delinquent, and, since May 2022, BARN's executive director.

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