Introduction to Coldworking with Glass

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Introduction to Coldworking with Glass

Learn different approaches to the belt sander, wet saw, and hand lapping - and discuss the potential of each - with acclaimed glass artist Jason Chakravarty.

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  1. Sat, 8/5/2023 12:00:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Sat, 8/5/2023

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Coldworking is a way of altering and sculpting glass once cold - from seaming edges to complete transformations. This class focuses on the belt sander, wet saw, and hand lapping - and the potential of each technique. You will learn how to bring rough-ground surfaces to a full polish and talk about the aesthetic possibilities of leaving a surface matte.

We also will cover glass glues and their possibilities in an artist’s work.

Then we'll turn to becoming familiar with each machine and you'll have an opportunity to ask for specific demonstrations and tips. You'll gain the most from this class if you come with some of your own glass and a plan or some sketches on the potential alterations you're interested in making.

This class will include many tips and techniques to help make you more comfortable and skilled at successfully finishing projects and is a rare opportunity to learn from a critically acclaimed glass artist whose work is shown in galleries nationwide, offering budding glass artists the opportunity to receive an expert's advice on best practices to complete a project with a professional finish.

Class Policies

  • Ages 14 and up are welcome.

  • Wear closed-toe shoes and long pants.

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Jason Chakravarty

Jason Chakravarty began incorporating glass through the use of neon into his sculptures in 1998 at Arizona State University. He learned the fundamentals of the neon process during four years working at a commercial neon sign shop.

In 2002, he began illuminating hot shop forms and kiln casting glass while attending graduate school. He has taken workshops nationwide including at Pilchuck, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Penland School of Crafts, and University of California San Diego. He has taught neon and kiln casting workshops worldwide.
His work has been shown in more than 100 exhibitions. Currently his work is represented at Adam Blaue, Corning, Habatat Galleries, Hive Contemporary, and at Kuivato, Penland, Duncan McClellan, Piece and Vetri galleries. He is a full-time artist who splits his studio time between Arizona and Washington.

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