Nature and Creativity Retreat

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Nature and Creativity Retreat

Draw from guided experiences at Bloedel Reserve to gain inspiration for creative pursuit.

Meeting Times
  1. Tue, 9/12/2023 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Tue, 9/12/2023


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No Prerequisite, Class, Meetup, Off-Site

Bloedel Reserve

Fiction, Poetry


Convening on the 150 acres of garden forest at Bloedel Reserve, you'll be nourished through guided time on the land, poetry, a few short meditations, writing prompts, and free-writes.

About half of the time will be dedicated to roaming the Reserve’s landscape for inspiration, calm, and nourishment. If you're repeating this retreat, you'll also have time to work quietly on your individual creative projects (manuscripts, poetry, collages, paintings, etc.) that you bring with you. The retreat facilitator also will be available for one-on-one support for anyone desiring professional feedback on creative works in progress.

Using TEALarbor stories’ signature practices and processes (TEALarbor, founded by the facilitator, is rooted in Spiritual Ecology, overcoming creative blocks, and inner/outer landscape exploration), you'll have an opportunity to engage your work and play through new perspectives. 


  • You will need to purchase your ticket to Bloedel Reserve in advance of the class. Visit their website page Open Hours & Admission Prices at Bloedel Reserve
  • Bring a snacks/lunch, creative project/supplies, a few pens, a journal (preferably unlined), weather-appropriate clothing and gear, and a water bottle, as well as an open heart and mind.

Class Policies

    Ages 14 and up are welcome.

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Instructors or Guides

Jennifer Wilhoit

Jennifer J. Wilhoit, Ph.D. is a published author, spiritual ecologist, and the founder of "TEALarbor stories." She compassionately supports people’s creative and healing processes by drawing from nature’s wisdom. Her clients variously call her their mentor, healer, editor, and guide. Jennifer also is a longtime hospice volunteer. Her books, articles, and blogs focus on the human/nature relationship. She has been researching and developing her practice around this “inner/outer landscape” philosophy for more than 25 years.

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