Folded Star Ornaments

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Folded Star Ornaments

Learn how to make decorative glassine and origami star ornaments. They make beautiful gifts and decorations this holiday season!

Meeting Times
  1. Sat, 12/9/2023 10:00:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Sat, 12/9/2023

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Book Arts, Holiday Gifts


Learn how to create colorful, layered, simple-to-complex window stars using basic principles for infinitely creative combinations. Lamination will be provided to protect these delicate glassine stars as keepsakes. 

Then we'll focus on origami stars. You'll learn how to fold four-, five-, six-, and eight-point stars from a variety of papers that can be strung as ornaments or attached to cards, homemade books, or collages. You'll also learn simple methods for cutting pentagons or hexagons from squares to make star creation easier!


A materials fee of $10, included in the cost of the class, covers everything you'll need.


Familiarity with folding paper is desirable. 

Class Policies

Ages 14 and up are welcome.

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Instructors or Guides

B. Sue Johnson

B. Sue has lived, as she calls it, "a well-creased life." When she was 10, she learned to fold an origami peace crane. The magic to be found in a folded piece of paper eventually led her to book arts and a fascination with illuminated paper. For 20 years, 1986–2005, she worked as a rural mail carrier for the US Postal Service on Bainbridge Island. Since retiring from federal service in 2016, she has created a series of origami installations outside the Winslow Post Office, paying homage to the postal service, as well as memorializing the painful history of the internment of the island’s Japanese American citizens and the bombing of Hiroshima during WWII.

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