Sharpening Chisels and Plane Blades


Sharpening Chisels and Plane Blades

Learn the most important skill in hand woodworking: how to achieve a truly sharp edge on chisels and plane blades.


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Meeting Times
  1. Wed, 6/12/2024 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  2. Wed, 6/19/2024 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Wed, 6/12/2024 - Wed, 6/19/2024


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Woodworking & Small Boatbuilding Studio

General Woodworking, Hand Woodworking


Every book on woodworking stresses the importance of having sharp tools, but what does that really mean? This class will show you.

  • Learn the importance of having a flat back on blades and how to achieve it and maintain it. This is the foundation for all sharpening of blades, whether they are Western or Japanese.
  • Learn to sharpen the bevel of your chisels and plane blades with honing guides and by hand. Learning what a truly sharp edge is.
  • Finally, learn what is happening when your tool gets a dull edge and how to bring it back to its peak performance.


Bring one or two chisels or hand planes, if you have them.

$5 material fee


Class Policies

  • Ages 14 and up are welcome.

  • Wear safety glasses and closed-toe shoes, tie back long hair, and avoid dangling clothing or jewelry. We recommend bringing your own safety glasses.

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  • Tuition Assistance is available. Fill out the application before registering.
  • BARN is committed to accessibility. We try to make accommodations when requested; the earlier you contact us, the more likely we can help. Please email to find out more or request an accommodation.
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Instructors or Guides

Paul Kury

Paul Kury studied woodworking at Lonnie Bird’s School of Fine Woodworking in Dandridge, Tenn., and has been an active woodworker for more than 40 years. His preference is 18th-century furniture. Paul also volunteers as a woodworking safety monitor at BARN.

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