Youth Maker Mondays: Eat with Your Fingers (Ages 8-14)

Youth, Culinary Arts

Youth Maker Mondays: Eat with Your Fingers (Ages 8-14)

Leave your forks and spoons at home as we make food from Japan, China, and Cambodia that are best eaten with your hands!


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Meeting Times
  1. Mon, 3/4/2024 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  2. Mon, 3/11/2024 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  3. Mon, 3/18/2024 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Mon, 3/4/2024 - Mon, 3/18/2024

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No Prerequisite, Class, Youth Maker Monday, Youth Ages 12-14

Kitchen Arts Studio



Travel to Asia (through culinary experiences) and learn to make sushi with miso soup, spring rolls with peanut sauce, and shrimp wontons. You’ll receive hands-on experience while building skills in the kitchen. Each week you’ll gain knowledge of a different ethnic cuisine and get comfortable with creating dishes that maybe you've only dared to order in restaurants.

By the end of the three weeks, young chefs will have gained a knowledge of cuisines from three countries, and the skills and confidence to assist if not lead a meal at home or a gathering.


  • Week 1:  Learn the essentials of rolling sushi and making miso soup. Get excited about rice and nori with recipes for California roll, kappa maki, Philadelphia roll, and miso soup. 
  • Week 2: Cambodian spring rolls and peanut sauce. This week is all about rice paper and waking up the spices for our peanut sauce. You'll learn and practice rolling a tight spring roll, how to make a delicious peanut sauce, and understand how to truly taste food. 
  • Week 3: Explore wontons, Chinese dumplings. You'll learn to make the filling and practice folding wontons. You'll also learn how make wonton soup.

Registering Youth

  • Parent/guardian registering a child for the first time: When you register, select "Others Only" in the "Who Are You Registering?" section. On the next page, select "Add New Registrant." Create an account for your child.
    • The next time you register your child, use "Search Registrants" to select them.
  • Make sure to fill out your youth's emergency contact information and other details when creating their account.

We are grateful to the city of Bainbridge Island for a cultural funding grant that enables us to reduce the costs of Youth Maker Monday classes for families.


A materials fee of $50, included in the price of the class, covers everything you will need.

Class Policies

  • Ages 8-14 are welcome.
  • You must wear closed-toe shoes in the studio.
  • You must be registered for the class (no drop-ins).

BARN Policies

  • View BARN's Cancellation and Refund Policy.
  • Tuition Assistance is available. Fill out the application before registering.
  • BARN is committed to accessibility. We try to make accommodations when requested; the earlier you contact us, the more likely we can help. Please email to find out more or request an accommodation.
  • Sensory Statement: Makerspaces like BARN can be noisy and cluttered, smell strongly, and have bright or flickering lights.

Instructors or Guides

Theary Tran

Theary spent her childhood years in her native Cambodia, where cooking was integral to the culture. Cooking with local ingredients and trusting her senses, Theary learned to achieve flavor in dishes that looked as good as they tasted. These skills enabled her to feel at home regardless of the cuisine she's exploring. For the past 20 years, Theary has been bringing her love of art and cooking to children and adults, teaching fundamentals as building blocks for creativity. The result is a safe and encouraging environment for students to explore their imaginations. Her goal is for each student to have a positive experience that inspires self-confidence, and the opportunity to connect with their own creativity. Theary is currently a K-6 educator locally and in Sonoma County. In her spare time, she spends time in the water, kayaking, hiking, or biking.

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