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Ask an Agent with Micah from Corvisiero Agency (VIRTUAL)

Find out what an agent really does and get your burning questions answered.

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  1. Thur, 4/11/2024 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Thur, 4/11/2024


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Want to know what an agent really does when they aren’t answering your query? Have a burning questions about the next steps in your writing career? Need advice from an agent? This online class will demystify what an agent does and what they're looking for.

Micah, an associate literary agent (and film rep) at Corvisiero Literary Agency will give an agenting overview before diving into your burning questions. So bring your questions, examples, and concerns and we’ll break them down together. 

We'll dive into questions from the group and focus on your experience. This is a conversation, not a lecture! If you know nothing, bring your questions! If you are querying and haven’t gotten any bites, bring your query! If you got feedback from another agent and want advice on how to handle it, bring that!


  • Skill level: All levels – anyone who's interested in, or has ever been interested in, getting an agent or getting published.
  • You will receive details on joining the virtual class after registration.

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Micah Brocker

Micah spent the last five years in the business world helping entrepreneurs and artists gain the financial and legal knowledge needed to succeed. It has been her lifelong dream to foster careers for all artists, particularly authors and screenwriters. At Corvisiero Literary Agency, she's interested in fostering her client’s careers from the start and building their businesses with them.
In both film and novels, she is interested in young adult contemporary stories that deal with messy relationships and issues that can help young adults put words to their experiences. She's also looking for YA science fiction and urban fantasy that provide an escape while still helping us connect to the everyday troubles of growing up. In adult literature, she loves women’s and upmarket fiction dealing with burdensome secrets, messy relationships, and characters with a deep desire to change their lives, the world etc.
You can find this Seattle resident hiking or running in the rain when she's not indoors reading with her trusty cat at her side.

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