Brazilian Happy Hour: Picanha Grelhada com Alho

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Brazilian Happy Hour: Picanha Grelhada com Alho

Join Chef Sandra for a wonderful educational, cultural, and delicious happy hour celebrating Brazil.

Meeting Times
  1. Fri, 3/22/2024 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Fri, 3/22/2024

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Age 21+, Class

Kitchen Arts Studio

Cooking, Kitchen Skills, Wine & Beverage


Picanha, one of Brazil's most famous meats, is so tender and juicy that it's perfect for a variety of cooking methods. In this class, we'll us picanha to prepare a popular Brazilian dish called Picanha Grelhada com Alho, which is grilled top sirloin with garlic.

Your instructor, a Brazilian-born chef, will show you all about this versatile cut of meat and how to prepare it in a simple way to keep it tender and juicy. In addition, you'll learn the cultural distinction between a vinaigrette and pico de gallo as well as how to peel (and the best way to use) cassava. 

To round out the experience, we'll enjoy a caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail.


Please email the Kitchen Arts Studio at well in advance of class about dietary restrictions or allergies. We do our best to accommodate everyone, and will let you know if there are options.


A materials fee of $30, included in the price of the class, will cover everything you need.

Class Policies

  • Ages 21 and up are welcome.
  • You must wear closed-toe shoes to class.
  • You need to be registered for the class (no drop-ins).

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Instructors or Guides

Sandra Evanoff

Born in the Bahia region of northern Brazil, Sandra was introduced to the kitchen at a young age while helping her mother in her small bed-and-breakfast. She also learned about fresh foods from her father, who operated a fresh fruit market. Thus began her exposure to healthy eating as they prepared food they grew themselves. Later, in university, she started a small business called "Feijoada to Go,” preparing Brazil's most traditional dish. This endeavor enhanced her culinary skills further while earning money to finance her studies. Sandra graduated in international relations in Sao Paulo, but food remains her passion, her "real carnival." After moving to the Pacific Northwest, she said she relishes the opportunity to share the the “true” ways and tastes of Brazil with others.

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