Quieting Your Inner Critic


Quieting Your Inner Critic (Virtual)

In this fun and interactive online class, learn to not only quiet your inner critic, but befriend it. Non-writers welcome!

Meeting Times
  1. Wed, 5/8/2024 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Wed, 5/8/2024


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No Prerequisite, Class, Online

Virtual (Zoom)

Fiction, Memoir, Nonfiction, Poetry


This class is for writers, non- writers, scientists, artists, farmers, tech workers, chimneysweeps, free spirits, CEOs – anyone whose nagging internal voice has ever created barriers to expressing themselves. In just three hours, you’ll develop a new relationship with your creativity’s internal swamp monster voice – even, dare we say, befriending the sludgy naysayer.

Before we create or write, you'll learn how to best process the struggle that comes with creating or writing. Together with a group of understanding, supportive peers (note: that’s you, too!), you’ll go through a 58-question, six-layer process of getting to know your personal inner critic until he/she/it/they have been disarmed, and maybe even (gulp!) appreciated. You’ll be writing in a notebook or journal. The class is highly interactive and sharing your personal experiences with each other is most welcome, but not required.

We’ll meet just one time over Zoom (but students are welcome to stay in contact with each other for creative support). Get comfy, and have a journal or notebook with at least 10-20 blank pages handy. We’ll take a 10-min break midway through. For the trust to form, please be on time and prepared to be on camera. If you’re not sure you’re ready for this class, that means you are! The more diverse the class, the better. And remember instructor Alex Leviton’s Seattle Times column on "Creativity at Work: If You Have an Inner Critic, Congratulations! You’re not a Sociopath!"


This is a virtual class held on Zoom.  A link and information will be emailed to you when you register. 


Bring a notebook.

Class Policies

Ages 14 and up.

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Alex Leviton

Author of "Explore Every Day" (Lonely Planet, 2019), Alex has worked as a journalist, humorist, series editor, and columnist for The Guardian, USA Today, BBC, The Seattle Times, et al. She has mentored or managed thousands of writers and writers-to-be in diverse settings including running editorial departments, magazines or startups; leading international travel writing competitions; or mentoring poets in a juvenile psychiatric hospital. While still a professional writer (Lonely Planet’s Pacific Northwest comes out April 2024), she now also uses her superpower, which is helping others find and express their creative voice. Through her company, The Third Layer, she coaches and consults on creativity and creative thinking to both organizations and individuals around the world. Visit her online at www.thethirdlayer.com or find her on LinkedIn at alex-leviton.

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