Painted Glass Pet Portraits with Cheryl Chapman

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Painted Glass Pet Portraits with Cheryl Chapman

Learn the reverse fused glass enameling process while you create a cute pet portrait!

Meeting Times
  1. Tue, 7/30/2024 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  2. Wed, 7/31/2024 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  3. Thur, 8/1/2024 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  4. Fri, 8/2/2024 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Tue, 7/30/2024 - Fri, 8/2/2024


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Class, No Prerequisite

Glass Arts Studio

Fused Glass, Painting, Stained Glass, Glass Mosaic


The Glass Studio is offering summer camp for adults with visiting artist Cheryl Chapman! This workshop is an invaluable opportunity for students of any level to learn new techniques involving the 4-stage reverse glass enameling process from a master.  You'll practice:

  • Mixing powdered enamels with several different mediums.
  • Using different painting mediums and techniques with a variety of application tools - nib pen, foam brush, paint brush, badger brush, etc.
  • Translating a photo into a fun, caricature drawing.
  • Applying and firing glass enamels successfully.

Four days of fun:

  • Day 1 -- Students work on their drawings, translating a photo for use as a template to paint from, cut and prepare glass, learn about and accomplish the lining/tracing stage of the painting process using a quill pen, black enamel and propylene glycol medium. Work is kiln fired after class.
  • Day 2 -- Students learn about and accomplish the shading/matting stage of the painting process using black enamel, gum arabic medium, foam brush and badger/blender brush and other miscellaneous tools. Work is kiln fired after class.
  • Day 3 -- Students learn about and accomplish the 2-part coloring stage of the painting process using colored enamels, water medium, foam brush, badger/blender brush, paint brushes and other miscellaneous tools. Work is kiln fired after class.
  • Day 4 -- Projects are fire polished in the morning by the instructor and students arrive in the afternoon to complete and assemble their projects. Optional participation and instruction that morning is possible regarding the cleaning, setting up and use of BARN kilns for those students wanting the full experience. 


You will create an 8 x 10" glass framed caricature portrait from an image of a pet or animal you bring to class.  You will learn the stages and process of Cheryl's reverse fused glass enameling techniques.  From turning a photo into a fun caricature to framing the finished piece, you will have multiple opportunities to practice at each stage of painting.  Students can expect to have the completed portrait as well as at least two additional reference/practice pieces to take home with them.  No prior painting experience necessary. 


You will take home your own "kit"  to continue the reverse glass painting technique on your own, including special brushes, quill pen and nibs, and a painting palette. 

A materials fee of $132, included in the price of this class, will cover the specific items in the "kit" you will take home as well as the COE 96 glass, studio equipment and materials needed in this four-day workshop.

Class Policies

Closed-toe shoes and long pants are required in the Glass Studio at all times.

BARN Policies

Instructors or Guides

Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl has been working with glass for 34 years with experience in stained glass, fused glass and glass enamels. She has taught her reverse glass enameling techniques since 2017 and has taught an average of 3-4 workshops per year at glass teaching studios across the country including D & L Glass, Ed Hoy's International, Milkweed Arts, Bonny Doon Fused Glass, Weisser Glass, Art Glass City and more.

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