Woodturning: Skew Skills


Woodturning: Skew Skills

Learn to work with the intriguing and challenging lathe tool known as the skew chisel.

Meeting Times
  1. Wed, 5/1/2024 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Wed, 5/1/2024

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BARN Woodshop

General Woodworking


This versatile tool is especially useful in spindle turning, can give you very smooth final cuts, and can greatly improve your efficiency. As you make an egg and spinning tops, you'll practice peeling cuts, V cuts, making tenons, planing cuts, round-overs and beads, and parting. Proficiency with the skew requires practice, but the rewards are great – it's a traditional tool used by all master turners!



A $20 materials fee, included in the price of this class, covers everything you'll need.


  • You must have completed Orientation to the WoodshopWoodshop Tool Safety Checkout 1, and Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 2. Log in to your BARN account and click on "My event registrations" to ensure you will have completed them before this class begins.
  • You also need to have completed Intro to Woodturning, and will do best in this class if  you’ve put in a few practice hours on basic spindle work. Or you must demonstrate equivalent lathe safety and turning skills during a private studio session with the instructor. If you haven't taken this course, contact Bruce Claiborne at 206-498-3045 by April 18 to arrange a review of your skills before you register for this class.

Class Policies

Ages 14 and up are welcome.  

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Instructors or Guides

Bruce Claiborne

Bruce Claiborne has been woodturning for more than 15 years. He enjoys making spindle projects, bowls, platters, and boxes. He is active in the local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners and was instrumental in establishing the woodturning area at BARN. For years, he volunteered in the woodworking shop at Bainbridge High School, where he helped students with their woodturning projects.

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