Introduction to Electrical Soldering

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Introduction to Electrical Soldering

Learn basic concepts around soldering electronics.

Meeting Times
  1. Sat, 4/20/2024 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Sat, 4/20/2024


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Class, No Prerequisite

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Basic concepts around through-hole hand soldering, leading to assembly of a simple electronic kit, are covered in this class for people with no experience.

Soldering is the joining of two metal surfaces using a filler metal referred to as “solder.” The solder is melted and applied to the heated (not melted, as in welding) metal surfaces that are to be joined, creating a strong joint when the solder cools and solidifies.

Class Policies

Ages 14 and up are welcome. 

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Instructors or Guides

Nathan Abell

Nathan Abell teaches our laser-cutter class and enjoys advanced 3D printing, soldering, circuit design, electronic test equipment, and making lockpicks.

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