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Learn the essentials of the CNC (computerized numerical control) lathe and how to safety operate it. Then cut some metal!


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Sat, 7/13/2024 - Sun, 7/14/2024


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Metal Machining

CNC, Machine Shop


On the first day, learn the essentials of BARN’s CNC lathe, and techniques for safe operations. We’ll cover CNC lathe basics beginning with the details of the machine and understanding lathe motion on the Z and X axes. We'll also cover selecting and establishing part-zeros, various cutting tools in the tool library, and Diameter- and Z-offsets. 

On the second day, we'll spend the morning learning Fusion 360's CAM (computer aided manufacturing) tools to generate G-code (the language that instructs the CNC machine what to do and where to do it). These skills are essential in machining complex parts beyond what one could achieve on a manual lathe. After lunch break, we’ll load a model created by one of the students into Fusion 360, examine and prove the CAM setup and G-code, cut some air, and then cut some metal.


If you have a model (Fusion .F3D, or .STEP files) you're interested in working from, please bring it on a thumb drive.


The $5 materials fee included in the cost of the class covers what is needed.


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Ages 14 and up are welcome.

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