Blend a Perfume Workshop

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Blend A Perfume Workshop

Experience the art of perfume-making firsthand and create a personalized fragrance.

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Meeting Times
  1. Thur, 7/18/2024 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Thur, 7/18/2024


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Class, No Prerequisite

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Explore the world of scent composition in which crafting a fragrance is akin to crafting a captivating story. Like a well-written narrative, each perfume unfolds in layers, with various elements weaving together to create a cohesive and evocative experience.

With custom accords (a blend of multiple fragrance notes creating new, complex scents) and perfume-making techniques, you'll learn how to create your own olfactive tale, drawing inspiration from places and experiences.


A $28 materials fee, included in the cost of the class, covers everything you'll need.

Class Policies

  • Ages 14 and up are welcome.
  • Class will be held outside under cover, so dress appropriately.

BARN Policies

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  • Tuition Assistance is available. Fill out the application before registering.
  • BARN is committed to accessibility. We try to make accommodations when requested; the earlier you contact us, the more likely we can help. Please email to find out more or request an accommodation.
  • Sensory Statement: Makerspaces like BARN can be noisy and cluttered, smell strongly, and have bright or flickering lights.

Instructors or Guides

Tiffany Thiele

When Tiffany isn’t working in the glass studio, you’ll find her at her at her perfuming organ creating scents. She’s deeply interested in all aspects of scents, including its history, psychology, botany, and chemistry. Tiffany has taken numerous courses with perfumers, botanists, and scientists to expand her knowledge. She finds the world of scent endlessly fascinating and is eager to share it with others

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