Fusion 360 Basics Advanced

Woodworking, Metal Fabrication, Tech Lab

Fusion 360 Basics Advanced *Cancelled*

Take your design skills even further with this third and final installment of our Fusion 360 Basics training series.


Wed, 9/6/2023 - Fri, 9/8/2023


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Class, Has Prerequisite

Tech Lab

3D Design, 3D Printing


Learn advanced concepts like:

- Using 3D sketch to think outside the box
- Projecting a sketch to a surface
- Automated modeling to let Fusion fill in the blanks
- Mesh modeling for modifying designs you found online
- Joints, animations, and contact sets
- Design scripting (including asking ChatGPT to do it for you!)
- Sheet metal environment for foldable builds

Additionally, you'll get brief introductions to:

- The plastic environment
- The electronic workspace
- Generative design concepts

This course includes links to instructor notes and a collection of exercises to build your skills. The format will primarily be a lecture with a bit of time near the end of each session for hands-on practice and questions.

This course will graduate you from the Fusion 360 Basics series with strong skills in digital design. Next, bring some more creativity to your design skills by taking Fusion 360 Organic Shapes where you'll work on using surface and forms modeling.


Bring a laptop with Fusion 360 already loaded. This is critical as no computers are provided, and the program does not work well with a trackpad. There will not be time during class to download the program.

You can download a free trial directly from Fusion. Click "Get started" under the column "Fusion 360 for Personal Use." It will walk you through the process including creating an account and a confirmation email.


Fusion 360 Basics Beginner and Intermediate

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Ages 14 and up are welcome.

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